Cinny Cinny Bun Bun

Cinny Cinny Bun Bun

My all-time favorite comfort food is a cinnamon roll.  Correction.  Not singular.  Cinnamon ROLLS - plural.  I've been making them from scratch for more than 20 years.  And while I will never claim that I mastered how to make the perfect cinnamon roll, I have learned a lot along the way.  Mostly from the tasting perspective.  :)  Well, what if you could make a single serving cinny cinny bun bun without the hassle and mess??  Oh, and be done in three minutes????  I am not kidding!!  The only problem is that these are far from healthy -- and far too easy to make....I'm sorry!!!  You are going to need to exercise self-control for this one!

P.S. Because every microwave is a little different, I think you should plan to make one practice roll.  The first one I made, I microwaved for a total of 4 minutes, and it was as hard as a baseball!  Once you get the timing down on your microwave, you are good to go!!

Here's what you need...

  1. Refrigerated biscuits (I used Pillsbury Southern style biscuits)
  2. Softened butter
  3. Cinnamon-sugar
  4. Ramekin 
  5. Microwave

Here's how you make it...

1.  Allow your biscuits to set at room temp for about 20 minutes.

2.  Lightly butter your ramekin and set aside.

3.  Using your hands, flatten two biscuits together into a single, round piece of dough.

4.  Lightly spread softened butter onto top surface of the dough.

5.  Add the cinnamon-sugar mixture.  You will want to add a lot!!

6.  Fold the dough, creating a roll.  Lightly butter, add cinnamon-sugar mixture and keep rolling.  (Be sure to tuck in the sides, and keep rolling!)

cinny fold in sides.jpg

7.  Bend opposite ends of roll together and place into buttered ramekin.

8.  Add a tiny bit more BUTTER to the top of the roll. Lightly place plastic wrap over the top.

9.  Place in microwave for one minute.  Do NOT FREAK OUT at this point.  After one minute, the dough is going to look like this!!  The second you open your microwave the dough will relax.  Readjust the plastic wrap a bit, and zap the roll for another 40 seconds.  Promptly remove -- WITHOUT BURNING YOURSELF!

9.  Drizzle on the icing immediately, and eat!!!  It's gonna be super hot, so be careful!!!

cinny bun yum.jpg

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